Just right now I obtained the V200 D03 RC helicopter from Walkera to evaluate. This has been much-predicted as the new assortment of Walkera radio controlled helicopters have brought on quite a stir owing the major step ahead this properly-acknowledged manufacturer has made with them.

I eagerly opened the parcel to the new Walkera V200 D03 flybarless collective pitch helicopter and thought that I would start out my critique appropriate right here by supplying you my thoughts and findings as I opened the box.

As usually with Walkera the full deal is very neat and almost everything is compartmentalized.

The box has its possess have tackle so that it doubles as a storage and carrying circumstance. Alright a metal circumstance is extremely great but they are dear.

I have a Walkera V200 D01 which superficially the D03 seems very a lot like. The D01 on the other hand is a mounted pitch helicopter whilst the D03 is a collective pitch and basically shares its origins with the Walkera 4F200 fairly than the V200 D01/02. The D01 I located to be a amazing helicopter, solidly created and attractive to fly with quite good tail keeping with its shaft pushed tail. Both of these radio managed helicopters use the new flybarless program that Walkera is rightly favouring on all its new styles. They use a 3-axis gyro which provides good flying general performance and the electronics enable you to alter the gyro configurations via the receiver so that you can make it as stable as you like making it extremely docile for a newbie, or you can crank it up to give a much extra agile and quicker functionality. I like the D01 very a lot.

The V200 D03 should be a great deal additional powerful, being able of 3D aerobatics, and I will be fascinated to see also how docile and secure it can be built via adjustment of the gyro and transmitter settings. A person of the beauties of a thoroughly programmable transmitter is that you can established the helicopter up specifically to your requirements and with the Devo 8 this can be accomplished by way of the designed-in touch display, generating the features really accessible and with any luck , really simple – giving it is intuitively structured.

The all new 8 channel 2.4GHz touch display programmable Devention transmitter is a definite step up from just about anything Walkera have earlier packaged with an RC helicopter like this.

The Devo 8 immediately has a considerably a lot more strong truly feel to it than the transmitter that came with the V200 D01. In point in conditions of both seems to be and truly feel it has similarities to the superb Spektrum DX7 that I use with my other RC helicopters. In reality the Devo 8 immediately has a pair of pluses even about that current market main transmitter.

  1. It has a backlit Liquid crystal display display
  2. You do not have to take away the back again of the transmitter to change the tension on the throttle adhere. I often dislike having to do this so it was a pleasure to locate that the Devo 8 has a very little rubber grommet lined obtain gap to a Phillips head screw to do this.

This transmitter of course also has a touch screen which the Spektrum transmitters do not but regardless of whether you regard that as a moreover or not is extremely significantly a make any difference of individual and I look ahead to discovering how properly it will work. Of course what is continue to to be determined is whether or not the electronics and reliability of the Walkera radio can look at to Spektrum, who also have 2nd to none shopper provider.

One particular factor that did problem me about the Devention 8 transmitter was that at first sight it does not look to have a throttle hold switch, which is completely necessary with a collective pitch helicopter. With any non-3D helicopter you can just knock the throttle adhere ideal down if you are likely to occur crash so as to destroy the electrical power to the rotors and minimize injury. With a collective pitch helicopter this is achievable whist in normal flight mode but at the time you go into Flight Mode 1 or 2, the base 50 % of the stick provides you damaging collective and does not decrease the throttle so you can not knock the ability off. Thankfully, a brief scan of the offered Person Handbook for the transmitter revealed that the Rudder Dual Fee change can be changed to functionality as a Throttle Hold switch. Which really most transmitters use this swap as an both/or for the two capabilities. I was slightly disconcerted that Walkera have elected to situate the Rudder Twin Charge/Throttle Keep switch and the Flight Manner switches the opposite way all around to the Spektrum DX7 transmitter. I am so applied to reacting with the suitable hand to hit throttle keep in an crisis and below I will have to react with the remaining hand – and it is typically essential in predicaments when you do not have time to imagine about it – you need to respond instantaneously. The other element is that there is a risk of reaching with the still left hand to alter the flight method, as I would on the Spektrum, and in performing so with the Walkera I would set the helicopter into throttle maintain killing all electricity to the rotor head. Care will be desired!

Even though chatting of losing ability, one particular other factor I do not treatment for with this helicopter is that there is no car-rotation equipment. So if you do occur to have a failure in mid-air that outcomes in no electric power acquiring to the most important blades you have no protected way down. Appear on Walkera – a helicopter of this excellent and price tag deserves a failsafe like this.

So what else about the helicopter itself. As usual for Walkera RC helicopters it is fantastically completed. It has a metallic crimson anodized rotor head which is a fantastic match for the cover.The carbon fibre rotor blades seem beautiful (but will not be low-priced to change – I may possibly have to find some extra moderately priced plastic types for standard use, at least right until I am far more made use of to traveling this beauty).

Everything is in fact really neat with this helicopter and it has a awesome sturdy really feel to it, just like the V200 D01, but devoid of costing extreme pounds (342g with no the lipo battery).

A single good contact – this helicopter came directly supplied by Walkera with the suitable plug (a clip on head) for the nation of use on the lipo charger electricity supply. It is so nice to get a United kingdom 3-pin plug for a modify.

With regards to the equipped manuals. In the box there is a booklet variety paper ‘User Handbook’ which covers the helicopter and simple set up and function of the Devo 8. Additionally there is a Devention ‘User Manual’ for the Devo 8 which handles all the functions of the transmitter. This is on a CD. Now I never know if Walkera just could not make their brain up as to which structure they had been gong to use or what but if they were just trying to remember to equally men and women who like their created content on paper and those who like it in electronic structure they will finish up gratifying none – it is a strange logic they have used!

As to the contents of the manuals, on a short scan via it appears thorough plenty of but it is the normal translated Chinese English, which suggests that you have to read through it incredibly cautiously and almost certainly a couple occasions more than in places to understand it properly. As they go, however, the translations below are really not bad at all.

As to the price, Walkera helicopters are not the lowest priced on the marketplace but then they are seriously properly-developed and are bristling with slicing edge technologies. They usually appear with a decent transmitter, not a affordable and simple £30-£40 transmitter. The Devo8 that arrives with the V200 D03 is prime conclusion spec. So for the value you are spending you a receiving equally an exceptional radio managed helicopter and a transmitter with features matching all those costing close to £300. So if you are on the lookout for an outstanding small collective pitch Rc helicopter and a high spec 6 channel additionally transmitter this model presents incredibly good value for dollars.

All round I am really energized about this tiny heli and I am hunting ahead to programming the transmitter, completing the setup and finding it airborne. Disgrace the temperature has absent so damp and windy. This hobby is excellent for building patience – you find out to do so or establish a huge gap in your pocket!