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Preparing For The Big Day

Wedding Days are not just for brides. I have been working with a lady whose daughter is getting married next year. She also wants to be looking good for her daughter’s wedding as ‘mother of the bride’.

We started off with a HIFU facial treatment just on her cheeks as she had pronounced smile lines she wanted to reduce. We then started a bespoke 3D Lipo package on her stomach. She is on a weight loss plan but as well as losing more fat with her weekly cavitation treatments. I did a fat freezing cryo cup placement on the lower stomach. This will kill 20-40% of the fat cells in the treated area. Her 8 weekly treatments will consist of cavitation for fat loss, radio frequency for skin tightening and lifting and shockwave therapy for toning the skin.

Week 1 – Facial treatment Plus cavitation on stomach
Week 2 – Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) on stomach
Week 3 – Cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves
Week 4 – Facial HIFU probe for smile lines, cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves
Week 5 – Cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves
Week 6 – Cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves
Week 7 – Cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves
Week 8 – Cavitation, radio frequency and shockwaves

Each treatment takes about 1hr 30 minutes.

This is a great way to drop a dress size and look your best for The Big Day whether it is a wedding, a Birthday, Christmas or Holiday. We all want to look and feel are best.

Bringing Balance After Injury

Before I trained in Reflexology I thought that it was just a nice relaxing spa treatment. Now I know that is not the case and reflexology is certainly not just for relaxation or just for women.

A few months ago Rob came to see me for Reflexology. He had turned his ankle on the Rugby field and even after 2 months of physio he was still in considerable pain and unable to play Rugby. Rob is a 34 year old Rugby player and has always maintained a good level of fitness. I asked him how he had heard of me and he told me I was recommended to him by his physiotherapist. Rob signed up for a 6 week course of treatments. I advised him to continue with his physio exercises during his course of Reflexology.
With injuries I usually offer clients a 6 week course. The treatments are one week apart and this course is normally enough to bring about balance in the body, speed recovery and allowing it to heal. For older clients who have had a fall for example this recovery time can be considerably longer. Some clients choose to come back for a monthly maintenance treatment after this.
In Rob’s case he started to feel the benefits after the second treatment and after the third he was almost pain free. He not only experienced relief from pain but the inflammation around his ankle reduced and as an added bonus he was sleeping better!
I did not use the Hot Stones with Rob’s treatments because there was inflammation involved and I did not want the heat to aggravate the injury. I do use these for more relaxing deeper tissue treatments.

The Treatment
I worked all of the reflex points on both feet. Each of these points relates to a part of the body; an organ, gland, nerve, limb, etc. After working the whole feet I then focused on the area that related to Rob’s injury. By working these reflexes I was helping the body to rebalance and heal. All injuries and illness from a strained muscle to insomnia throw you out of balance. Your body through homeostasis is constantly working to balance everything from your temperature to your hormones and everything in between. Reflexology is a brilliant tool to help your bodies rebalance and heal.

Doesn’t the body detox itself?
You will have toxins that build up in the feet such as lactic acid from exercise and uric acid from your diet. For reasons of gravity it is difficult for your body to release these back into the lymphatic system. Reflexology pushes these back into the lymphatic system where the body can naturally detoxify itself of them. Some clients do experience headaches especially after their first treatment. This is due to the detox process which is why I always recommend that they drink plenty of water when they leave my clinic.

“I really enjoyed my Reflexology treatments. I was so relaxed I even fell asleep a couple of times. I wouldn’t have thought about going to a Reflexologist before this but I would really recommend Louisa. My ankle is now 100% better.”

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